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Colin P. Sisson

Dynamic power of presence, breath and conscious living

Weekend workshops offered by Colin
Descriptions of workshops below - soon full information

Awaken to Your Inner Power

through Integrative Presence 

and Breath Integration

The power of being present


Breath Integration is a natural process of inner awakening, through the expansion of awareness of our natural power.   It uses conscious breathing and Inner-Observation as a way to gently connect with limiting beliefs, reactionary emotions and unconscious self-destructive behaviors (often suppressed) that control our lives from the subconscious.  This awareness awakens our three functions: thoughts, emotions and body sensation in a new conscious way. This leads to opening our whole being; connecting with creativity, inspiration and intuition.   Creativity, inspiration and intuition are the greatest forces available to us and it is our destiny to discover all that we are and our unlimited potential.  Most end their lives never fulfilling this destiny.  Breath Integration helps us to connect with our completeness.


Integrative Presence is the latest development of Breath Integration, co-founded by Colin P. Sisson and Magdalena Janicka.  It expanded the Breath Integration process into the process of living presence and so now called Integrative Presence.  

Integrative Presence has no philosophy, belief systems or techniques, but is a process of pure consciousness.  It is not about giving new truths or new beliefs to follow, but rather unravelling old truths that sabotage our journey to love, joy and freedom. 


The psyche is a self regulating system and is always seeking balance.  Whenever we put a tension, or an intense emotion like anger, sadness or fear under the microscope of awareness through being fully present with it, it transforms itself into the only reality that exists; love.  Not just an emotion, but a spiritual love that can only be found in the present moment.  The here and now is the only reality that exists.  Everything else is an illusion created by the mind from our fears and early life conditioning that convinced us that we live in a dangerous world.   


A two day experience to:

  • Master your mental, emotional and physical world through the power of presence

  • Deal effectively with major life crisis’s that permanently incapacitate most people

  • Release past hurts to live more effectively in the present moment

  • Increase your personal power to create the reality that serves all of your life

  • Wake up to how we unconsciously create ourselves to be victims 

  • Overcome other people’s attempts to control or manipulate without conflict

  • Discover the simple secret of love, joy and inner freedom

  • Reach towards your full potential of all that you are


Breath Integration and Integrative Presence is not a religion, cult, or something that you have to join. It is a life style that anyone can adopt for themselves during times of crisis, stress, or just enjoying the moment. 

 It is a totally safe and easy self-empowerment process to practise without beliefs, dogma, or conditions.   


 A Zen master once said:  “Don’t seek the truth, just drop your opinions.”  We say:  “Make your opinions and feelings fully conscious and become free of their unconscious attachments to enjoy life more fully."




Do you feel in charge of every aspect of your own life? 

Are you filling up your life with external values such as wealth, position or prestige in order to enhance your self-worth? 

Are you happy in yourself or are you dependent on other people to give you happiness?


Life isn't something that happens to us.  It is something that happens because of us.  We are creating every experience whether we are aware of it or not.

Life is like a laboratory where we are invited to experiment with creating our own experiences how we want them.  But because of our childhood programming we often unconsciously choose to be mice being controlled by the people in our lives.  

Self Mastery is not about going back and dwelling on the past in order to try to change how we think and behave.  It is about working with our feelings today and transforming them into love, joy and freedom.  Nor is Self-Mastery about becoming a master or having to reach some unrealistic elevated state of consciousness.  Self Mastery is simply taking back our power without conflict or sacrificing our values.   It is about taking charge of our own lives and having fun along the way.


“There are no impossible dreams,

Just our limited perception of what is possible.”

Beth Mende Conny


Self Mastery is about taking charge of our own minds and releasing those thoughts and feelings, which convince us that illusions are real.  It is about living in the experiences of joy rather than in the illusions of our own judgments, identifications and fears, which have followed us from those painful aspects of our childhoods.


The weekend closely looks at our personal power and where we are losing ourselves in other people’s expectations of us. We examine self-esteem to determine the difference between genuine self-worth and the illusions of self-rejection or self-importance.  We discover our unconscious behaviours and emotional fear reactions to stressful situations and how to transform them into positive and life enhancing responses.



This is a totally practical workshop, using intellectual, emotional and physical activities to expand intuition and the awareness of yourself, your environment and the people close to you.


The Art of Receiving - Are you open on what you want?


Created by Magdalena Janicka and Colin P. Sisson


Most people find it easy to give than to receive because (often unconsciously) they don’t believe that they deserve to be loved for themselves.  


When people come from this space of undeserving, no matter how hard they work at their jobs, relationships, or on their dreams, a deep unconscious part of them will sabotage every attempt to experience what they consciously want.  


Success does not go to the most deserving, nor to the most positive, talented or creative people.  Success of every kind goes only to those who are open to receive.  


The Art of Receiving seminar is about connecting with our unconscious psychological blocks to being open to receive the natural abundance that every human deserves.


How do we know if we have a receiving problem or not?    

* Being the “do-gooder” and sacrificing ourselves for others.  

* Seeking attention, praise or acknowledgement and when it comes, either not believing it or feeling embarrassed or threatened.

* Making other people’s wants, opinions and values more important than our own.

* Feeling guilty or obligated to give back when people give us love, attention, gifts etc.

* Closed heart to receiving love and closed body to receiving relaxation and pleasure.

* Believing that love, joy and freedom must be earned by “correct” behaviour. 

* Choosing second best rather than what we really want or making excuses that it is too expensive or too good.

* Justifying failure, shortage or poor performance under the disguise of spiritual or noble virtue, while secretly resenting those who are successful. 

* Feeling victimized by others or situations and feeling powerless to create what we 



The art of receiving seminar allows us to connect with our feelings of undeserving and starts a transformation to openness, safety and love.


It is about opening the mind to new ideas, opening the heart to let love in, opening the body to receive the abundance of life’s gifts.


The workshop is non-confrontational while stretching us to gently challenge our unworkable beliefs and behaviours that we inherited from our parents and society.


The workshop involves confidential group discussions, self and partner processes, meditation and exercises to connect us with the abundance of life.


Are you willing to open yourself up to let more love, money and joy into your life?

Are you willing to allow the gifts of life to flow into all parts of your being?

Are you willing to connect with your self-esteem and discover your inherited powers?




 “Unless you become like children you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.”       

(Matthew: 19:14)


This is not saying to become childish, helpless, immature or silly, but to become child-like 

- Opened, enthusiastic, joyful, loving and free.


We have lost the natural ability to experience spontaneity and joy without any particular reason for it. We have suppressed gratitude, enthusiasm and passion for life.   We have lost curiosity and desire, and without these qualities we are impotent to create a joyful reality.


We do have inside of us the frightened child, who got trapped in time and space in our subconscious, between birth and the age of seven.  This inner child is still hurting, feeling insecure, and believing itself as not ‘good enough’.



From time to time we surprise ourselves by our childish behaviors, when something in life reminds us of the past, and the hurt child gets activated.  This is the part of us that we are in denial about, ignore and this leads to (ignore) ignorance of our Free Child.


We keep our Hurt Child in suppression, in order not to feel pain.  By doing so, we also suppress our Free Child, and in that we don’t feel joy either.


Releasing the Free Inner Child.

We also have a free and playful child inside, who is full of curiosity, enthusiasm, joy and laughter and is excited about life.


The aim of this workshop is to liberate the joyful child without drama or the need to re-experience the hurt from our wounded child.



  • Re-discover your free child and its magical ability to have fun, laughter and uncomplicated love.

  • Release the past with all its hurts and unproductive behaviours.

  • Re-learn the simplicity of a child, without having to be childish or irresponsible.

  • Discover how to communicate with your inner child and therefore be more available for your own birthed children.



This is a totally practical workshop, using intellectual, emotional and physical movements to expand beyond your limits and create an awareness of yourself as a free child again with all your adult resources.  





 A special fun workshop for those who are serious about effective relationships with life-partners, close family members, clients, customers, colleagues, bosses and friends. We have a relationship with everyone and everything in our lives, from ourselves, parents, children, lovers, to our car, job, health, and money.  The success of each relationship is determined by our level of conscious awareness and presence.


If we have problems with any of these, then part of our relationship is unconscious! We dare to say that most of our relationships may be unconscious to some degree.  However, we never know how unconscious we are until we start to expand awareness of our hidden motives and fears that could be running our lives.


This workshop is about coming back to a more natural state.   This means relating, consciously, communicating and listening with the heart, rather than being swept away by our feelings, or relying on intellectual solutions and techniques especially during conflict situations.



  • Wake up to being more conscious in your important Relationships.

  • Overcome the barriers between you and those you love.

  • Conflict resolution, without giving your power away.

  • Effective listening skills that go beyond the words, to hear what people are really saying.

  • Step out of the victim-hood of manipulation, power struggles and unhealthy control games.

  • Develop confidence in every interaction with others.


Expand your self-esteem and Self-confidence.

Relationships are the ideal relationships with ourselves, with others and with the world. When we relate consciously, we create the life and the relationships that are nourishing, creative and loving.


“No man is an island, entire of itself; Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.”

John Donne


“The suspicion, the fear, the differences are but the spirit of friendship and harmony in its slumber, and upon its awakening, we can rejoice in the harmony among the differences and the oneness of all people.”

Colin P. Sisson  – Winged Thoughts from The Heart



The power of conscious lovemaking


Discover deeper states of love, ecstasy and inner freedom within yourself through Conscious Lovemaking.   

Greatly extend your ability to be more open to love and receive love.

Increase your sensual and sexual abilities and deepen your intimate connection with your lover as well as with your spiritual self using the ancient art of Sexual Magic. 


Sexual Magic

Sexual magic has nothing to do with black magic or performances of trickery.  Magic in this context is the ability and willingness to use deeper levels of consciousness to create love, joy and freedom in the present moment.  Sex is one of the most powerful of human experiences and when conscious awareness is added to sexual love, the result is high sexual energy through the entire body known as Sexual Magic.


Sexual Magic is not Eastern Tantra, but from ancient Western mystical Qabalah practices.   In its more modern version it draws on observations that life itself was a result of the act of love. This simple fact is difficult for us to remember at a time when many consider sex shameful, dirty or sinful. Sex was a gift from life and much of humanity has reduced it to judgmental principles that must be controlled or regimented.  Sexual addiction, genital armouring, sex abuse, frigidity, impotence, and sexually transmitted diseases are reflections of humanities fears and ignorance.


The practise of Sexual Magic

Conscious lovemaking is a gentle spiritual discipline of living fully in the present moment.  When the timelessness of now is experienced, the intellect, emotions and body opens to a fourth spiritual function of the True Self, utilising sexual energy to expand awareness and reach new levels of love, ecstasy, and total freedom.  Repeated practise overcomes social myths that believe sexual desire and abilities diminish with age, ensuring a highly active sexual activity right to the end of one’s life. 

Sexual magic can be practised with a partner or with oneself and the early training, is best done through self-practise with special sexual magic exercises.


A two day experience to Discover: 

How to harness your own unlimited powers, to create more love, joy and freedom.

Conscious Lovemaking and extending pleasure for hours at a time.

Full body orgasms and ecstasy

How to overcome premature ejaculation.

Sexual healing: genital Armor, sexual addiction and to overcome shame, guilt and fear.

Your natural confidence and overcome shyness, and performance anxiety.

 Access to your natural power to embrace your natural beauty and sensuality.

Increased health and longevity. 

To go deeper into love.


Take charge of your sexual energies and help spread love throughout the world.

Releasing the dynamic inner Female and Male powers


We all have inside of us two very powerful energies that are designed to work together in harmony: The inner female and the inner male.  This is not about gender but qualities of energies.  Every woman has the same amount of masculine qualities (courage, dynamic action for achievement, intellectual analysis and so on) as any man.   Men have the same amount of feminine qualities (feelings, receptivity, intuition and so on) as women do.


Because of our upbringing and conditioning, society established clear and distinct male and female roles and boundaries and this created inner separation and confusion between our male and female qualities.  This in turn created inner conflict that led to feelings of frustration, powerlessness, and inadequacy.  Thus this may have caused us to have looked for power, love, joy and freedom outside of ourselves, which reinforced the belief that to have these things we must manipulate others for them.  Between being and doing, gentleness and assertiveness, intellect and emotions have become some of the areas of division and continued confusion for most people. These confusions eventually become mental and emotional programs that control us from the subconscious level.  



  • Mimicking role models (father, brother, film or rock stars, and heroes).  

  • Competing with other men.  

  • Needing to prove oneself as a man

  • Male Chauvinism   

  • Feelings of guilt and inadequacy from not being ‘man’ enough.

  • Having to hide your own sensitivity



  • Seeking masculine energy in men.

  • Competing with other women

  • Making men or a relationship with them a priority

  • Female Chauvinism  

  • under-evaluating yourself / measuring your value by what kind of man you’ve got.

  • Passive expectation for him to manifest & make it all work for you.


Because of what we were attracted to during those early years of learning how life worked, we often adopted role models that were unbalanced in themselves in their female/male energies and we may have repeated their mistakes.  Most young people have few if any constructive role models of balanced female and male qualities.



  • Balancing you two energies connects you with all your hidden potential

  • Increases your creativity and intuition

  • Greater achievement, while having more fun

  • Increase your positive impact on your surroundings and other people

  • Discover that beautiful and powerful man/woman inside of you

  • And many other spin-off benefits when you live more from your authentic self


Success in every area of one’s life is largely determined by the natural balance of our two major energies – Female and Male power.  Important areas such as, health, career, leadership, financial achievement, athletics/sport, relationships, sexual vitality, and spiritual life are all determined by balance.  Balance between being and doing leads us to unlocking our full potential and all that we are.

This workshop looks at our imbalance’s of the feminine and masculine qualities we all possess and this awareness is often enough to ‘correct’ this imbalance.

Be ready for a lively and exhilarating experience. 



An unforgettable experience transforming fear into empowerment and exhilaration in a few steps.


Fire-walking is one of the most powerful and immediate Processes for personal empowerment.  Challenge your primordial fear, by walking over red hot coals in your bare feet, and experience the transformation of fear into power and jubilation.

Fear has been an important survival mechanism for humanity, throughout the ages.  But now, many are actively cultivating a higher consciousness of being beyond the primitive state of survival.   We can't complete this transition until we begin to release the fear, the fight/flight syndrome, trapped in our bodies from all our previous terrors and traumas.   


Fire-walking can contribute to a more awakened perception and awareness.  If conscious, or unconscious fear impinges upon your life, the quality of your daily experience is considerably impeded.  We suggest that every one has suppressed fears that negatively influence behaviour from a subconscious level.   Perhaps the greatest hoax in human history has been to allow fear to control us.  This is an opportunity to take back your power.  Challenge your fear, and take charge of your life.  


Stride into empowerment with an unforgettable experience of walking through fire in safety that transcends physical reality!


No one is made to walk.  It can sometimes be more couragious not to walk when you see all your friends cross the fire in safety.


If you can walk on fire 

you can do almost anything


The benefits obtained from the Fire Walk: 

* Taking charge of your fears.

* Enhancing your courage in all situations.                                                    

* Connecting with your personal Power.

* An increase of personal desire to be successful.

* Expansion of self-awareness.

* A sense of self-mastery.

* And much more.


“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft  might win by fearing to attempt.“




A new system in the inspired management of oneself, people and resources.


Confucius said – Three things are necessary for a government to stay in power:

1. A strong army (financial backing)

2. Plenty of food (good products, key people and strong market share).

3. Confidence of the people in its leaders.


History has shown that it is not always necessary to have the first two, but always the third. The success of any organisation is less dependent upon markets, resources, or even key people, but more on the leadership of those resources.


The Inspired Leadership Program is a new concept that encourages and trains people to be creative thinkers, decision makers and inspired leaders at every level of an organisation. It transforms motivation, which is always temporary and sometimes manipulating, resulting in disloyalty, dis-trust and conflict, into inspiration that is ever lasting.

People use motivation because it works quicker, but is costly and constantly needs to be applied, and rarely encourages commitment or long term success. Inspiration does take a longer because it involves in building people’s confidence, self-esteem and responsibility to make decisions.


“People are worth investing in because it is my experience that they are the greatest resource in any business, enterprise or endeavour.” - C.P.Sisson


Colin draws from his war-time experience in Vietnam where he saw leadership at its worst and at its best. Also, from his successful entrepreneur experience in business management over many years of practise. More importantly he shares his experience in how to discover the full potential of oneself as well as the people in your team. “Do you want leaders or followers?”


This Program teaches the use of inspiration rather than authority for people to reach their full potential. Not as a theory but through simple practical steps.


“There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers.” Napoleon Bonaparte


“Leadership is not an ability, it is a responsibility – The Ability to Respond to the present moment.” Anonymous


The benefits obtained from the programme include an increase in:

  • Creating a Leadership environment that encourages creativity, productivity and future leaders

  • Inspiring leadership rather than traditional motivational techiques to inspire staff, associates and clients

  • Turning ordinary team members into high performers

  • Inspire members of your team to reach their personal full potential.

  • Recognising the crucial stages of a teams development.

  • Understanding the different styles of Inspiring leadership and applying them as your team develops

  • Unity of purpose and vision

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution

  • The key to effective staff training and supervision


In today’s conditions being a strong, decisive and informative leader is not enough. The Inspired Leader understands what, how, when and why people behave as they do and responds accordingly.

Leaders are not born; they are made through effective training and direction.


“Command over oneself for an hour

is better than a year of command over others.”

Colin P Sisson


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