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Wounded Warriors

The true story of a soldier in Vietnam,

the emotional wounds inflicted and the incredible journey of self-discovery.

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The effective Management 

of ourselves

and the people we lead

Price: 12 Euro 

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The Secret of 

Twelve Stones

The journey to presence


Inner Adventures

The journey home back to who we really are

Paperback: 12 Euro


The Next Step

In the journey home

to who we really are

Paperback: 12 Euro

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Your Right

to Riches

A system of natural laws

that creates an abundance of prosperity, love and joy


Winged Thoughts From The Heart


A Traveller's Journey

Hard cover: 12,95 Euro

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Wounded Warriors 2nd edition-copy.png

Wounded Warriors

The true story of a soldier in Vietnam,

the emotional wounds inflicted and the incredible journey of self-discovery.

Self-discovery is connecting with that small essence of reality we all have inside that contains the enormous powers of creativity, inspiration and intuition, just waiting to be realized. But it often takes a crisis to reveal itself. Mine was just staying alive during the worst time in my life.

‘Suddenly, the surrounding jungle erupted in gunfire. As I hit the ground, I knew we had walked into a VC ambush.’

‘V company was surrounded and attacked from all sides with no means of retreat. The New Zealanders were in grave danger of being wiped out by the larger enemy force. There was no time to consider the appalling danger they were in.’

“I wrote the first edition of Wounded Warriors in 1992 as an account of the devastating effects of war and my subsequent healing. This was not only an anti-war book, but the story of my whole life as the battles of Vietnam continued to rage in my head for twenty years after my tour of duty.’ In 2021, I wrote this second edition to share the simple healing process that led me on an incredible inner journey of finding myself; a process that any traumatized or interested person can use.”

WOUNDED WARRIORS is frank, brutal, and softened with touches of insights and humour. It is also the story of every one of us when we find the courage and inspiration to meet and release the trauma of our own inner ‘battlefields.’

Now available on Amazon in paperback at $9.99 US plus postage.

$9.39 US Kindle version

Category: Psychology / adventure

ISBN 978-0-473-60274-1

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12 Euro



The effective Management  of ourselves

and the people we lead


Leadership has been the greatest instrument of kings, emperors, rulers, politicians, and merchants since the beginning of time.  History (Herstory) is a chronicle of the leadership of great men and women, and was the key to every major historical event.


Inspired Leadership encourages the use of inspiration rather than motivation or fear-based authority.  Inspiration gives people the experience of success, which moves them to be more committed in a friendly, secure, and successful environment This allows everyone to reach their full potential. Not as a theory, but through simple practical steps.  

Inspired Leadership is the humanness in any organizational structure that gets things done.


Who is this book written for?  Everyone is a leader at some time in their lives. If you influence one person, even a child, you are leading.  How effective it will be determined by where you are coming from - head or heart.


After 30 years of research and a lifetime witnessing examples of every type of leadership, the author has discovered the foundation of inspiration that drives people to achieve their absolute best.  The basis lies within ourselves.  Inspired Leadership unlocks the secrets to this amazing power.


“Command over oneself for an hour is greater leadership than command over others for a year.” CPS.



ISBN    978-0-473-43674-2  

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12 Euro


The liberating power of breath, presence and conscious living


No philosophy, religion, book, seminar or person can give you the

truth – you are already the truth. Nothing can give to you what you

already are. At best, others can merely point you in the direction of

your true self.

Many of us are obsessed with striving for self-improvement, which

often comes from the assumption that there is something wrong

with life, others and especially ourselves. We will never experience

reality while trying to change ourselves into a better person. This

is because we are coming from an un-acceptance of our here and

now. We live in illusion and try to change it to a better illusion.

We step into reality when we are present with the truth of our

moment, no matter how it is. Being truthful to our challenging

experiences and fears, we connect with our courage and all that

we are. Then we discover that we are already that so-called

‘better’ person inside.

The Truth of Your Moment is a step beyond the limitations of

positive thinking and is a personal guide to one’s inner nature

where we may discover that in fact we never left and here lie the

hidden dimensions of our powers, happiness and inner freedom.

WARNING: This book is dangerous for your ego!


Paperback: 207 pages

Publisher: Total Press (September 2020)

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-473-51228-6

Dimensions: 14,5 cm x 20,5 cm

Price: 12 Euro 

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The journey to presence


The secret of the twelve stones is an adventure story of a man who goes in search of buried treasure and instead finds himself.  The theme is as old as literature is itself, but the content is a new approach to waking up to the magnificence of ourselves.

The secret of the twelve stones is based on a true story, surrounding the practice of being present. It is a personal guide on the journey home, back to one’s inner nature where we may discover that in fact we never left and here lie the hidden dimensions of our powers and total happiness.


The backdrop is the jungles of the Amazon with a sprinkle of imagination, a little daring, a taste of the mystical, it is potentially the true story of each of us.   It is a book of sheer enjoyment while learning more about what makes us tick.


Paperback: 324 pages

Publisher: Waterside Productions (March 19, 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1939116805

ISBN-13: 978-1939116802

Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.7 x 8.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Price: 16,95 US Dollars

Kindle: 9,78 US dollars


12 Euro


The journey home, back to who we really are


This book is probably the clearest and most important description of the process of Breath Integration, the psychology of the future.


No philosophy, religion, book, seminar or person can give you the Truth - you are already It.  Nothing can give to you what you already Are.  At best, others can merely point you in the direction of Reality.  Reality is important.  What is not so important are the explanations of Reality.  Reality is not something you can explain, it is something you 'wake up to'.


INNER ADVENTURES is your personal guide on the journey Home, Home to your true Self where you may discover, if you so choose, the hidden dimensions of your Power.

Is this approach psychological, philosophical, religious, mystical or a healing technique?   It is none and yet, all of these.  These are simply labels.  It doesn’t matter what we call it or whether we call it anything at all, for Reality is beyond words.  We can approach this work as a spiritual way Home or as a technique of integrating the mind and body or further as a learning process of how to make life more wonderful.  In any case we are going to have a lot of Inner Adventures along the way.


Health Warning:   This book is dangerous for your ego!


ISBN: 0-9597930-3-8

Paperback -  312 pages    

Publication date: 2003

Edition number 2nd 

Total Press Publishing

Price: 12 Euro


12 Euro

The Next Step

In the journey home, back to who we really are


People who attempt to master the world will find resistance and conflict at every turn. People who master themselves will find the world willingly at their feet.


There is nothing in life that has to be fixed, improved, corrected or changed. Life is perfectly fine as it is. Life does not have to be made better, only understood. When we truly understand experientially - intellectually, emotionally, physically and intuitively the meaning of so-called negative conditions and situations, (not just intellectually perceiving them), they re-balance themselves, effortlessly and spontaneously.


Finding the way Home, back to higher Consciousness requires understanding and conscious observation of the inner obstacles that block our way. Everything we perceive is just a mere fraction of what we are. Our beliefs about reality, our straining for results, our motives and desires, our achievements and failures, our joys and frustrations are all but a drop in the ocean of life. Simply observe whatever happens and know we are more than this.


This is not a book about the truth, it is a journey within to discover our obstacles, then we are free to proceed and realise our own truth.


PUBLIC WARNING: This book is dangerous for your ego!


Publication date: 1999

ISBN   0 - 9597930 - 4 - 6

Edition number: 1st

Paperback - 320 Pages  

Total Press

Price: 12 Euro

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10 Euro

Your Right To Riches

A system of natural laws that creates an abundance of prosperity,

love and joy


Get your life and Abundance working even better. It is everyone's birthright to fulfill their dreams and be successful. This magical book helps you to open up to greater areas of your creative potential through three simple universal laws.

Your Right To Riches is more than a book, it is a total experience. It is a system of natural laws that creates a prosperity awareness leading an abundance of Love Joy and Freedom.

If you are poor by choice you are rich. 

What is in a person's heart and not in his or her bank account determines that person's wealth.

If you are poor and resent it - then you are using your power to create poverty. It is easier to create abundance than poverty, as it is easier to succeed than to fail.


Prosperity awareness through the principles of this book will be one of the simplest things you will ever learn - once you have prosperity awareness, it is yours forever.



Publication date: 1986

ISBN: 0-9590014-1-7

Edition number: 3rd

Paperback - 132 pages         

Total Press

Price: 10 Euro



12,95 Euro

Winged Thoughts From The Heart 

A Traveler's Journey



Colin P. Sisson has produced another delightful discourse of profound insights.  These words not only speak to our hearts, but also to the depths of our being.  Winged Thoughts From The Heart are the stories of one man's journey into his soul, and yet, it is all of our stories, that reminds us when we each had the deeply touching experiences similar to those shared in this book.


The style is of Kahlil Gibran, who greatly inspired the author and to whom the book is dedicated.  The content is prose, but its essence is poetry.   And yet, the words go beyond the distinction of prose and poetry to arrive at the purity of beauty and love.



Almid, the inspired student of life, returns to the land of his birth after many travels.  Surrounded with his family and friends, they make him a reluctant teacher of wisdom, as they search for answers of life.  The words that flow from his lips uplift, inspire and empower.  


ISBN: 0-9597930-1-1    

Hard cover - 77 pages

Price 12.95 Euro



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Lead the way in dealing with the COVID-19 virus crisis

with Breath Integration and Integrative Presence practice


My heart goes out to everyone who is afraid during this time and beyond and also for those who are in denial by forcing themselves to be positive or distracting oneself in order to emotionally cope. This is a crisis for every one of us on the planet. 

This is a major crisis that humanity hasn’t seen since the flu epidemic that swept the world in 1918. It is not surprising that people will be afraid with a sense of powerlessness. And, it is this sense of powerlessness that makes us feel like a victim or as a helpless child and that is more terrifying than the virus itself. Our own fear is our greatest terror.

This is a time for total honesty in order to meet this threat. And there is a threat despite the positive thinkers who can only say – “be positive”. This is not helpful and only encourages people to be dishonest with their true feelings and puts them into denial. 

Every crisis that humanity has faced and previously overcome was because some people took stock of themselves, faced their fears, found their strength, took a leadership role and became a shining light for others to also find their strength, and together overcame the crisis. 

And now, it is our turn. This is our time to courageously meet our fears and find our strength. Will you be such a person in your family and your community at such a time? This can be your greatest moment of your whole life. This can be your great and noble moment in a crucial historical period. In this time, we are all called upon to lead the way to support those around us with our strength, our courage and our love. 

How can we be that leader for those around us during this crucial time? Here are three steps to rise to this powerful occasion. 
Step one is to first meet our inner crisis and find our strength. This can be done by practicing the 5 steps in a crisis as taught in Breath Integration and Integrative Presence and they are:


1. Awareness that we are in a crisis or feel victimized or afraid. This is the time for total honesty about the situation and how we feel about that situation. This is that vital step of taking stock of ourselves and moving our attention to inside to where our power is. 

2. Breathe consciously. People hold their breath when afraid, which disconnects them with their power. By breathing slightly more deeply than normal will start to connect you with your power.

3. Awareness of emotions, awareness that we are afraid, and this is natural. We can ask ourselves “How do I honestly feel and how do I feel towards these feelings?” This second question will connect us with our resistance to feeling our emotions. This is incredibly freeing and releases our courage.

4. Awareness of where those emotions are held in the body. All feelings are held in the body and localizing in the body where we feel these emotions, especially where do we feel resistance toward what we feel, begins to release them

5. Being fully present with those emotions felt in the body, especially with resistance, and with their physical sensations. Being present means consciously being with our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. This is what actually integrates the fear in the mind, emotions and body and releases them. Fear is only held in the body because of our resistance to feeling it. Nothing else holds it there. So, when we are present with resistance, it integrates, as well as the feelings we were resisting. 


The causes of fear may be an illusion. FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real. But the feelings themselves are real. With awareness and practice of these 5 Steps, you connect with your inner power, peace and freedom, which are also real, as they are your true nature. That is who we are! 

Step 2. If you feel it is right for you, let those around you know that you are there for them. Particularly older people or those who lack the resources to cope through this crisis. A simple supportive phone call to a neighbor can give them strength and an encouragement for them to pass the support on when they are able. Remember, we are all in this together. Above all, ask them how they feel and for those close to you, teach them the above 5 steps in a crisis for them to find their inner strength.

Step 3. Follow the directions of your health professionals and finally, wash your hands. 

In this time of crisis any support that BI/IP Practitioners providing online sessions would be great. A list is available on my website here. These sessions are based upon the 5 steps in a crisis, and I highly recommend as a way of meeting our fears and stress. 

With love
Colin P. Sisson


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