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Dynamic Power of Presence, breath and conscious living 

          Over the last 30 years many hundreds of people have attended Breath Integration and later on - Integrative Presence Trainings led or co-led by Colin all over the world, Europe, USA, Russia, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Some of them participated in those trainings for their own inner growth, and others also to learn how to be professional Practitioners and to offer individual sessions to others. 


            If you want to learn the practice of conscious breath and presence, and in this way, radically raise the quality of your life and your relationships, with yourself and others - we invite you to go through the full cycle of 10 Integrative Presence individual sessions with a professional IP practitioner (here list of IP Practitioners, sessions are also accessible via Skype or Zoom).  For upcoming IP Trainings and workshops look here


People spend so much energy and time in escaping their fears 
but they don't realise that this escape is their only problem.
Colin P. Sisson


individual sessions with certified practitioner

Experience a full series of 10 sessions with a certified IP practitioner (list included here, sessions can also be given via Zoom or Skype). Learn how to practice Integrative Presence in your daily life. Develop the ability to connect with your inner strength, especially in times of stress and emotional crisis.

sharing the practice with others

Become a certified IP practitioner, giving individual sessions and assisting others in one of the most important journeys of their lives.

Experience the full series 
of individual Integrative Presence sessions 
and receive powerful, transforming 
tools for life.


with a gentle assistance of a professional Practitioner, you will experience and learn:


  • The basics of conscious connected breath 

  • The practice of being present in the body, with what you feel

  • Develop the ability to be present in moments of stress, in emotional crisis and discover how to connect with your power

  • Discover your life's main myth and the fear associated with it and learn how to release it through the power of presence and conscious breath

  • Receive instructions on how to give yourself sessions and will be led step by step by the practitioner in the process

  • You will be shown the unconscious traps you can fall into during the practice of conscious presence

  • After completing the full series of individual sessions you will have the ability to practice on your own


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  • Growing connection with your inner power and using it in everyday life, especially in crisis situations

  • Stress release - growing inner peace and being able to relax more deeply

  • Consciously experiencing the beauty and power of the present moment

  • Realizing your highest potential

  • Growing connection with your intuition and creativity

  • Deeper experience of love, freedom and joy in life

  • And so much more!

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How to become certified practitioner and to offer individual sessions to others 

Founders of Integrative Presence  

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Colin P. Sisson

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An Internationally recognized inspirational writer, speaker, seminar leader on conscious living through the power of being present, he has many years of experience in inspiring people to expand their awareness and to achieve their full potential. When people discover the present moment, not just as a theory, but as a practice of being here now, a gateway opens that leads directly into the reality of love, joy and inner freedom.


Colin was born in New Zealand and came a long way from a country boy, who was prepared by his father for a career of a farmer, through the battlefields of Vietnam, and through the trauma of post-war confusion. Colin is living proof that no past trauma or difficult circumstances can prevent us from achieving success, once we connect with our true natures. While struggling and fighting with life he sought the answers for the eternal questions of humanity: the purpose of life, the reason for suffering, the source of happiness. In his quest he discovered that there are many ways to `enlightenment', and wisdom is in simplicity and being here now. This led to the discovery of Breath Integration that eventually, in last years, Colin and Magdalena have developed it into Integrative Presence, the practice of being present.


Magdalena Janicka

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Colin and Magdalena share almost 20 years creative collaboration, and the fruit of it has been experienced by many people in Poland and abroad. Magdalena is a co-founder of the Integrative Presence, along with Colin co-author of a long-standing series of workshops ''Meeting with Shadow'' and BI/IP practitioner trainings


As a result of many years of experience and exploration, she created a unique presence practice formula she calls the Embodied Presence, and offers workshops as well as individual sessions.


Magdalena gives supervision and internship program to practitioners who train for the BI/IP certification. She brings to the BI/IP training her extensive experience and many years of conscious presence practice in the body, with feelings, in movement and natural dance. A conscious DJ, her contagious enthusiasm inspires people to return to the body while creating a unique space for the practice of presence in a moving body and in stillness.


Her deep insight, experience and intuition help others to connect with their true, free nature.

An artist creating in her studio White Feather Productions, Publisher and Evolutionary astrologer.

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