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Colin P. Sisson

Founder of Breath Integration and co-founder of Integrative Presence, an Internationally recognized inspirational writer, speaker, seminar leader on conscious living through the power of being present, he has many years of experience in inspiring people to expand their awareness and to achieve their full potential. When people discover the present moment, not just as a theory, but as a practice of being here now, a gateway opens that leads directly into the reality of love, joy and inner freedom.


Colin was born in New Zealand and came a long way from a country boy, who was prepared by his father for a career of a farmer, through the battlefields of Vietnam, and through the trauma of post-war confusion. Colin is living proof that no past trauma or difficult circumstances can prevent us from achieving success, once we connect with our true natures. While struggling and fighting with life he sought the answers for the eternal questions of humanity: the purpose of life, the reason for suffering, the source of happiness. In his quest he discovered that there are many ways to `enlightenment', and wisdom is in simplicity and being here now. This led to the discovery of Breath Integration that eventually developed into Integrative Presence, the practice of being present.


He is well known and respected for the world-wide contribution he made to rebirthing in 1985 through his bestselling book, Rebirthing Made Easy.


In 1990 he started travelling the world, continuing to learn, and sharing his discoveries with others.

Colin's teachings are simple, practical, compassionate, and very powerful in their transforming results. His fundamental principle is of inner-observation and self-responsibility. No teacher can do it for us, except the `teacher' within. Colin is a friend who assists us to discover this teacher.


Books written by Colin: ‘Rebirthing Made Easy’, ‘Your Right to Riches’, Wounded Warriors’, Breath Integration Made Easy’ ‘Winged Thoughts from the Heart’ ‘Inner Adventures’, ‘Next Step’ ‘Secret of the twelve stones’ (an adventure metaphysical novel).


Awarded `The Queen's Commendation for brave conduct', a civilian award.


Currently Colin spends his time living in New Zealand as well as teaching in Europe and in The United States.

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