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Thu, 11 May




Intensive Integrative Presence training with elements of Breath Integration - level 2 - Practitioner 2 MODULES

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Time and location

11 May, 08:30 – 14 May, 18:30



POWER OF PRESENCE  Intensive Integrative Presence Training with elements of Breath Integration - Level PRACTITIONER (Step 2) 


Led by Magdalena Janicka and Colin P. Sisson

Integrative Presence is natural processes of inner awakening, through the expansion of awareness. It uses Conscious Connected Breathing and being fully present with the truth of our moment to gently connect with emotions and fears (often suppressed) that control our lives from the subconscious. This powerful direction of awareness effortlessly dissolves these inner blocks and awakens our three functions (thoughts, emotions and body) in a new conscious way. This leads to opening of our whole being and connecting with deeper levels of our true nature, commonly experienced through creativity, inspiration and Intuition.

  • You will receive professional basic training in conducting professional individual Integrative Presence sessions with elements of Breath Integration.
  • You will deepen your practice of presence in the body, how to be  present with your stress and emotional reactions, reducing your identification with them and deepening your connection to the power of presence within you.
  • You will examine your main unconscious limiting life myth and learn how to release it through the practice of conscious presence.
  • You will learn how not to give away your power to external situations and how to find it within yourself instead. 
  • You will deepen your connection to creativity and intuition, and much more.

Awaken to Love, Joy, and Freedom through the power of presence.

IP are not about giving new truths or new beliefs to follow, but rather, unraveling old truths that have become obstacles that sabotage our experience of reality. They are simple processes of self-empowerment without beliefs, dogma, or conditions.  

 "Make your opinions and feelings fully conscious and become free"


This is an 8-day training (in form of 2 modules) that gives you the skills to be able to give sessions to others professionally. Most people do this training not so much to become an IP Practitioner, but more for expanding their own inner journey. If one puts it in the practice, we can certainly guarantee that. Most people report that their lives changed afterward in a new, powerful, and loving way, more than they had possibly expected.

“We will never understand reality while trying to change ourselves into a ‘better’ person. This is because we are coming from a space of un-acceptance of ‘what is!’. We live in illusion and try to change it to a better illusion. We step into reality when we are present with the truth of our moment. This awakens the true self and that we are already that ‘better’ person inside”. Colin P. Sisson

AN EIGHT DAY TOTAL EXPERIENCE TO: - Discover how to be empowered during an emotional crisis through the power of presence. - Expand self-awareness, through Conscious Breathing, Intuition and creativity. - Connect more with your true Self (wisdom) beyond mental limits. - Develop a greater capacity to experience love, joy and inner freedom. - Learn new professional levels in working with people in Breath and Presence. - Gain the skills required to be an effective practitioner of Breath Integration and Integrative Presence, and much more.

Advance training and an Apprenticeship program are available afterward to enhance skills obtained in this training and to receive the certificate of an IP practitioner licenced to offer individual sessions.


This advanced training is not available to the general public and the following is required:

1) To have completed a full series of 10 individual IP sessions with a qualified IP Practitioner ( list of professional IP practitioner you will find on, sessions are also possible ONLINE). 

 Completing the full series of 10 individual IP sessions will give you very good preparation.

2) To have read “The Truth Of Your Moment” or "Secret of the Twelve Stones" by Colin P. Sisson

Participation in the weekend workshop IP Step 1 weekend workshop is not necessary in order to be able to attend this training.

Colin P. Sisson is an internationally recognized inspirational writer, speaker, and seminar leader on conscious living through the power of being present. Metaphysician, war Vietnam veteran, founder of Breath Integration, co-founder of Integrative Presence. Colin has many years of experience in inspiring people to expand their awareness and to achieve their full potential. When people discover the present moment, not just as a theory, but as a practice of being here now, a gateway opens that leads directly into the reality of love, joy and inner freedom. More on ​ 

Magdalena Janicka is the co-founder of Integrative Presence, and founder of the Embodied Presence. She is co-author of the Practitioners Trainings and Meeting with the Shadow workshop series offered by them both for over the last 15 years. She is the founder of a unique training and supervision program for IP practitioners on their way to becoming certified.  For over 2 decades she has been practicing being present in body, heart, and body movement as meditation and a transformative path of consciousness. She is offering workshops and individual sessions, inspiring others to experience the power of presence, and realizing their full potential. She is an artist, publisher, and evolutionary astrologer.

This online training will be held via the Zoom platform.

Hours of training refer to Warsaw time zone - CET.


Beginning: Thursday 11th May 2023 8:30 am  CET

The end: Sunday 14th May 2023, 18:30pm CET


Beginning: Thursday 18th May 2023, 8:30 am  CET

The end: Sunday 21st May 2023 at 12 pm CET

Each day (except Sunday 21st May):

 8:30am CET - 12: morning session 

12-13:30pm CET: lunch break  

13:30pm - 18:30pm CET: afternoon session

It is essential that you make sure that during the training you arrange a quiet space for your  process, practice and and Being. At the end of the day, make sure to create supportive space for integration of each day of the training and assure yourself rest.

REGULAR PRICE of the training (whole training): 

450 Euro - if deposit 150 Euro is paid before 15th April 2023

500 Euro - if deposit 150 Euro is paid after 15th April 2023

Price of  training for people living in Poland: 

1650 Polish Zloty - if deposit 450 Polish Zloty is paid before 15th April 2023

1900 Polish Zloty - if deposit 450 Polish Zloty is paid after 15th April 2023

Two weeks  before the training the deposit is not refundable. 

 Big discounts for those who repeat the training.

The training is led in English and translated from English to a Polish as well as from Polish to an English.

Info: Magdalena,, +48 691 674 123

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