Lead the way in dealing with the COVID-19 virus crisis

with Breath Integration and Integrative Presence practice

Message from Colin

My heart goes out to everyone who is afraid during this time and beyond and also for those who are in denial by forcing themselves to be positive or distracting oneself in order to emotionally cope. This is a crisis for every one of us on the planet.

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 New book 

Colin's soon to be published book on the power of conscious living through the practice of presence, takes us into exciting, honest and courageous self-exploration of our inner reality.   By addressing our relationship with the outer reality that shows us powerful milestones in this journey, we can use to live an awakened, conscious life, especially in times of crisis and life's challenges.  More soon!



 A unique online course is on its way! 

A long-awaited online course, where Colin teaches step by step the ultimate tools for inner awakening, transformation and self-empowerment. Full of inspiring video lessons, practical exercises, guided audio sessions, resulting in a full on experience of realizing your true potential through the power of presence.

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An inspiration that catalyses

 inner awakening,

self-empowerment and freedom

Colin's tour worldwide 2020 

 Experience directly Colin's down to earth, a powerful message on how to practice the power of presence and conscious breath in the time of crisis.

Re-connect with inner power, freedom, and love!


Colin on self -love and practice of presence




What is self-love?

What we mistake for self-love?

Colin P. Sisson - self love and power of presence

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We do not have to learn to be positive, because it is our natural state

when we are present.  

Colin P. Sisson

Colin's message is simple, practical, and compassionate in its approach, and very powerful in the transforming results. His main principle is of `self-responsibility'. We all have free will, but mostly choose the way of our parents or culture and miss finding ourselves. No teacher can do it for us, except the `teacher' within. Colin is a friend who assists us to discover this teacher in our journey to self-discovery. 


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