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Awakening to Love, Joy and Freedom

Breath Integration is a natural process of inner awakening, through the expansion of awareness. It uses Conscious Free Breathing and impartial self-observation as a way to gently connect with emotions and fears (often suppressed) that control our lives from the subconscious. This awareness dissolves inner blocks, and awakens our three functions (thoughts, emotions and body) in a new conscious way. This leads to opening our whole being and connecting with creativity, inspiration, intuition and experiencing inner freedom.



We can go without food for thirty days.  We can go without water for three days, but try going without breathing for more than three minutes.


When you consider that 70% of all human waste is eliminated through breathing, correct breathing has to be one of the most basic forms of healing and transformation.


Some psychologists are beginning to understand what yoga has known for thousands of years; that there is a direct relationship between physical and mental illness and interruption of the respiratory process, as the result of stress. Interruption of the natural breathing cycle happened to most of us at birth, when we first learnt to breathe, while experiencing the stress of birth.  Since then, every stressful experience shows up in the way we breathe.  Watch a person in panic or fear and you will see their breathing constricted and inhibited, direct symptoms of stress.


The natural breath

Breath is life.  But, if we are carrying any suppressed fears in the subconscious and when they are activated by daily stressful situations, then our fear of life is activated, closing down our breathing as a way to escape our feelings, which is in fact escaping from life.  By becoming more present with our feelings, body tensions and breathing as well as learning to breathe more naturally reverses this process and allows our suppressed fears and tensions to be permanently and gently released.   This is because when we make a fear fully conscious, the energy that holds it in the body is released, along with the fear, making us more aware of living in the present moment.   When part of our system becomes more conscious, a natural balance is restored and our breathing starts becoming more conscious, connected and free.  This has a huge positive impact on our physical wellbeing, our emotional stability, mental clarity leading to being more loving, happy with a sense of inner freedom.

BREATH INTEGRATION covers all aspects of a person’s life with emphasis of becoming conscious of suppressed fears from the past that prevent us from living fully in the present. Working with suppressed feelings, we have found is the most direct way of inner transformation.  It is not about changing, fixing or improving ourselves.  It is all about being real with all aspects of our lives as it is happening right now.  When we enter the present moment, we enter reality and come home to ourselves.

A breath Integration session lasts for about 90 minutes.  It consists of creating clarity of personal life challenges and then under the guidance of a Practitioner, lying down and consciously free breathing and being fully present with all energies moving through the body for about 45 minutes.  This allows suppressed fears to gently come up and be integrated, leading to deep relaxation and inner peace.  It takes about 7-10 sessions to learn to do this for oneself.  Then you can enjoy practicing becoming more self-aware for the rest of your life.

Breath Integration is not a religion, cult, or something that people have to join. It is a totally safe and easy to learn life skill that anyone can do for themselves during times of crisis, stress, or just enjoying the moment.

This amazing process can be learned by completing the workshop ‘Inner Awaking through Breath Integration’ or by having Breath Integration sessions with a qualified Practitioner.  A list of Practitioners is available on this website.

Advance trainings are available for those who wish to take their process deeper, or to train as a Practitioner of Breath Integration.

Awaken to your own inner Power

Breath Integration is

about discovering how

Great you already are.

Colin P. Sisson

Founder of Breath Integration



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